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Explosion on the Railroad

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 The 1973 Kingman Arizona BLEVE, or, "DOXOL DISASTER." 

"On July 5th, 1973 and the days that followed, the, “We Need Ice” message was broadcast across a dedicated Kingman Arizona radio station. The local hospital requesting ice cubes from residents’ freezers? What on earth for?

It was for the bodies. The dozens of human bodies burned alive from a railcar propane explosion, also known as a BLEVE. If you know anything about burn injuries, you know they are the most devastating to the body and the most excruciating in pain.


The ICE was for the BODIES.


The BODIES that were still ALIVE, burning from the inside out."


July 5th, 1973

A railcar sits on a spur of the Santa Fe Railroad. For about a month, it has served as a "holding tank" for 33,000 gallons of propane gas belonging to the nearby DOXOL Gas Plant.

The time has come for DOXOL employees to retrieve the gas from the tanker to be stored at the plant. But, during the process of offloading the gas, something goes TERRIBLY wrong...

The disaster KILLS 12, 11 who were firefighters and MAIMS approximately 100 innocent citizens of the small town of Kingman, Arizona.

This is the UNTOLD, TRUE STORY of the Kingman Arizona BLEVE of '73, with witness and expert accounts describing every flinching detail from the day of, to the weeks and months after the tragedy that forever changed Kingman, and the world.

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The TRUE STORY you're about to invest in will be PAINFUL to hear and HARD TO BELIEVE...

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"This True Story Has Changed Me!"

My name is Meg. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who has built a career helping others develop their businesses through branding, web design, SEO, multi-media, podcasts and more.

Truth is, I didn't always have an aspiration to launch a podcast. That is, until the true story of the Kingman BLEVE chose me!

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